After all of the success Desiigner is having with his music, he’s back with a brand new banger.

“Holy Ghost” dropped via the rappers SoundCloud and it catches Desiigner spitting about his Phantom Rolls-Royce, sipping on codeine, and telling his haters don’t worry about how he’s making his money. You can hear the new track, produced by CashMoneyAp, below.

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Desiigner is having one hell of a career so far and it’s still very early. His breakout record “Panda” which dropped in late 2015 went for times platinum back in December of 2016. His follow-up single after that, “Timmy Turner,” was first heard as a freestyle for XXL’s Freshmen List. “Timmy Turner” ended up going platinum in January of this year. All together, Desiigner has accumulated 10 million singles sold.

Check out “Holy Ghost” below.

Quotable lyrics:

“Say you got it/Say you know me, how you get it? How you got it?/You say you ‘bout it/You say you know me, how I get it out the projects,” Desiigner raps. “Had to get my dough right/Get it more right/In the club with some bitches, wanna suck it all night/Wanna fuck me all night/Be too poppin’ with my niggas we be thuggin’ all night/All of this ice and it’s all bright.”