BAPE Double Shark Hoodie 1st Camo


Originally presented at the end of 2017, BAPE returns with its double Shark Hoodie featuring the brand’s first signature camo print.

Since its launch, the Shark Hoodie has become a coveted piece, even becoming a cult object in some Streetwear circles. Many fanatics were used to flexing on social networks by wearing several layers of the famous Japanese hoodie.

A Bathing Ape thus took the lead last year with a first generation of Double Shark Hoodie, resuming this popular trend, offering three monochrome editions adorned with a double hooded Camo.

For 2018, the Nigo label presents us two new iterations of the model, displaying an all-over-print camouflage, declined in green and ocher. As always, there are some Ape Head hidden in print, a sharp jaw and the letters WGM for “World Gone Mad”.

These BAPE Double Shark Hoodie 1st Camo will be released June 9 on, as well as in all Bape stores, at a price of around $ 360 / piece.