Comethazine Declares His Love For “DEMI” Lovato


Comethazine promises to buy Demi Lovato a house

Comethazine is not playing around. His latest banger “DEMI” is the story of young bachelor fending off the county’s gentleman callers one after the other, the object of his affection being Demi Lovato, the ex-Disney star who drastically came of age in the last few years.

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“DEMI” is produced by BHUNNA, whom he has worked with in the past on records such as “Blessings,” released a few months back. Enjoy.

Quotable Lyrics:

“I just wanna f*ck Demi (Demi), nut on her titties (titties)
Whip out my cock, ayy (cock), make the bitch lick it
I just wanna fuck Demi (Demi), bitch, fuck with me (with me)
I know you like Charlie (Charlie), bitch, don’t be stingy (stingy)”