Ever wondered who the richest rappers in the world are?

We’re about to show you, this article is a list of the 10 richest rappers, how much they’re worth. Enjoy!

10. Snoop Dogg

Net Worth: $143 Million

Snoop Dogg is an American rapper and actor from Long Beach, California. His music career began in 1992 when he was discovered by Dr. Dre of N.W.A, and as a result was featured within Dr. Dre’s very first solo album, The Chronic. Snoop has since sold over twenty-three million albums in the United States and thirty-five million albums worldwide.

09. Kanye West

Net Worth: $147 Million

Kanye’s net worth is another figure in question, since he’s supposedly in some serious debt. We’ve include the latest figure from The Richest. Kanye West is an American rapper, songwriter, record producer, fashion designer, and entrepreneur.

08. Lil Wayne

Net Worth: $150 Million

Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., known professionally as Lil Wayne, is an American hip hop recording artist and author from New Orleans, Louisiana. He sold millions of records, and worked with a lot of other famous artists.

07. Pharrell Williams

Net Worth: $150 Million

Pharrell Williams is an American singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer, and film producer. Williams owns a media venture that encompasses entertainment, music, fashion, and art called i am OTHER, a multimedia creative collective and record label that serves as an umbrella for all of Pharrell Williams’ endeavors, including Billionaire Boys Club.

06. Birdman

Net Worth: $150 Million

Bryan Williams, known more commonly by his stage name Birdman, is an American rapper, record producer, entrepreneur, executive producer, and investor. He helped found the Cash Money Records label with his brother, Ronald.

05. 50 Cent

Net Worth: $150 Million

50 Cent is an American rapper from New York. 50 Cent overcame multiple struggles early on in his life; with the death of his mother, and the shooting in which he was riddled with 9 bullets. The net worth shown here may not be 100% correct, due to the lawsuit 50 Cent was involved with last year.

04. Eminem

Net Worth: $210 Million

Eminem is without a doubt the most successful white hip hop artist of all time. When he first start battle rapping in Detroit, he was subject to a lot of racial hate, being one of the only white rappers to be performing at the shows.

03. Jay Z

Net Worth: $610 Million

Jay-Z is an American rapper and entrepreneur from Brooklyn, New York. In fact, the majority of Jay-Z’s net worth has come from his smart investments; in clothing lines, record companies, nightclubs and so on.

02. Dr Dre

Net Worth: $700 Million

Dr. Dre is considered to be one of the best hip hop producers of all time. Andre Young started his career with N.W.A in the 80’s, and then went solo. He is also the founder of the “Beats by Dr. Dre” series, which was sold to Apple for $1 billion a couple of years ago.

01. Sean Combs (Diddy )

Net Worth: $750 Million

Sean Combs does just about everything; rapping, producing, acting, songwriting and he’s also an entrepreneur on top of all that. Otherwise known as his stage name ‘Diddy’, Combs is the richest rapper in the world.