Rich The Kid has Unveiled the Video for “Dead Friends”


Rich The Kid has come through with another dose of fire, the somber “Dead Friends,” which takes aim at Lil Uzi Vert.

He’s been teasing it for a minute, and the day has finally come. Rich The Kid’s The World Is Yours closer, “Dead Friends” has surfaced, and as expected, there are a few shots fired. As this is, after all, a post-2015 hip-hop beef, the name-calling is at a low. Still, the subs are in full swing, and Rich’s rival Lil Uzi Vert is the clear recipient. It’s hardly a scathing barrage, but it’s still a first blow in what promises to be a strange and unusually melodic beef.

Quotable Lyrics

Shove my pride to the side, I could never lie
I don’t care if you cry, let them pussy n***s die
Ayy, Bentley matte black, ooh, different kind of fabric
CEO status, all my n***s savage