Future & Young Thug release ‘Group Home’

Future & Young Thug release 'Group Home'

Future & Young Thug release ‘Group Home’

After making clips for the Super Slimey tracks “All Da Smoke” and “Mink Flow,” they’ve now got a new one for the album closer “Group Home.”

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The “Group Home” video is nothing but a string of unexplained, strung-together surreal touches. So: Little kids dance around on the front lawn of a mansion. Some of them wear creepy white mime masks. Some of them wear helmets that crackle with visible lightning/ Crows pick at a deer’s carcass. Young Thug uses a glowing rope to lasso a lady who’s floating up in the air.

It’s all very Alice In Wonderland, albeit rendered through flat internet-rap-video visuals. Watch it below.


Quotable Lyrics:

I smell codeine when I piss
I’m on it, I’m on it, I can’t forget
You can’t cry over scars, this permanent
I put a Patek in traffic like Pablo Escobar

– Future