Nike Dunk Plattenbau, a limited edition of 240 pieces

Nike Dunk Plattenbau

Nike release the Nike dunk Plattenbau in very limited edition

The functional architecture of the post-war period inspired the American brand, which featured a very limited edition Nike Dunk Plattenbau.

In the same way as in France, Germany had to rebuild itself in haste after the Second World War. The government of the time had therefore erected social housing blocks called Plattenbau, a prefabricated translation into German.

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Nike has chosen to transcribe this gray look on a Dunk whose upper has multiple openings as to recall the balconies of these buildings. The brand does not forget to pay homage to the historical dimension of this outing by registering a D85, for the year of release of the Dunk, as well as a D17 on each foot. Each pair is also numbered from number 1 to 240.

The Nike Dunk Plattenbau will be available December 15th only at Overkill.