A AJ1 Bred Toe is already on sale on eBay. Rest assured, you have not missed the release of the model. Nevertheless this eBayeur does have a Bred Toe in hand. And this for a reason rather absurd.

Release early or getting a pair before the official date is commonly done in the world of the shoe. Friends, personalities, influencers, sneakers are given without any action being required by the recipients beforehand. What is more rare is when a famous shop that is not at its first orders, inadvertently sends a model rather than another. What’s more, a model that is not out yet and is expected for next year. This clumsiness was committed by Eastbay, a sportswear chain in the United States.


A buyer was given an Air Jordan 1 Bred Toe instead of a AJ1 RE2PECT. Of course he did not make a claim and was quick to post on eBay the only Air Jordan 1 Bred Toe available for immediate purchase at $ 10,000. An error that costs the notoriety EastBay, but will pay big to this happy buyer.

Find the different characteristics of the Air Jordan 1 Bred Toe here. The pair will have a global distribution in February 2018.

AJ1 Bred Toe 4

AJ1 Bred Toe 3

AJ1 Bred Toe 2

AJ1 Bred Toe 1